We are the only UK tour operator able to offer you the opportunity to retrace some of the steps of Wilfred Thesiger and Bertram Thomas in the largest sandy desert in the world.

Our guests travel down to Salalah and join ex-army officer Mussallem or one of his experienced team, who, taking great pride in their knowledge of the Rub al Khali (the Empty Quarter) welcome you as their personal guests amidst a landscape of gigantic red and gold sand dunes, salt flats and oases. Experience the sensation of being surrounded by deafening silence and sand. Enjoy supreme tranquillity in one of the most stunning environments on earth – a photographer’s paradise!

You and your party will travel in an air-conditioned Land Cruiser, complete with all necessary camping equipment. On the edge of the desert you will stop at Shisr, site of the lost city of Ubar.  A chance for a drink and a snack whilst tyre pressures are being lowered for the drive deep into the Empty Quarter.

Your driver/guide will set up camp at the end of the day and prepare a simple but tasty evening barbecue. You can then chat with him around the camp fire before settling down to a night under the stars.  Tents are available but most of our guests simply use the comfortable mattresses, sheets and blankets, pillows and sleeping bags and enjoy gazing up at the wonderfully clear skies.

After a hearty breakfast you travel deeper into the dunes, stopping to examine geodes, prehistoric small solid or hollow rocks lined with crystals, or perhaps meeting up and chatting to Bedus taking camel trains across the desert.

When your Empty Quarter experience is over, you are driven back to civilisation, pausing to look at Frankincense trees in Wadi Dawkah. Your driver/guide will explain how Frankincense is harvested before continuing your journey to Salalah.


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