Dhofar is the southern region of Oman with borders on the Wusta region to the north-east, the Arabian Sea to the south and south-east, and the largest sandy desert in the world the Rub al Khali or Empty Quarter to the north and north-west.

The Dhofar Mountain Chain runs 400 kilometres east to west. Salalah is the capital city of the region and is called the “Green City”. The coastal strip is bordered by huge plantations of banana and coconut trees, and every year from June to September the area is watered by the Khareef or monsoon rains.

Oman Air, our preferred partner airline, runs a frequent service from Muscat with a 1½  hour flight time. There is a handy connection for those travellers coming from London.

Salalah is a great base from which to explore the Empty Quarter and our “Empty Quarter Experience” page sets out how you can explore this huge expanse of desert with Mussallem and his team of guides.

There are also some beautiful places to visit along the coastal strip. Travelling EAST from your hotel, you could start off with a visit to the Museum of the Frankincense Land.  This is an excellent museum and gives a great insight into Oman generally as well as frankincense. You can then drive along the coast road (well-signposted) towards Taqah, whose little fort is well worth a quick visit.  Onwards to Wadi Darbat and Tawi Atayr where there is some spectacular scenery.  Back onto the main coast road to the ancient fishing port of Mirbat.  The harbour is pretty busy and you may be lucky enough to catch a fishing boat returning with its catch.  Try and plan your day so that you reach the ruins of Samarham by 16.00 pm at the latest (it closes at 17.00 pm). This is situated on the side of Khawr Rawri, a magnificent lagoon, and the setting sun should put a seal on a very interesting afternoon!  It is an easy drive back to your Hotel. Travelling WEST from your hotel will take you past the busy port of Salalah at Raysut and on to Mughsail and its beach and spectacular blowholes.

We can arrange a hire car for you so that you can discover these sights yourself, but we recommend that Mussallem or one of his team gives you a guided day or half-day tour.

Salalah is a great base for water sports of all sorts and we are happy to put together a tailor-made programme to suit your requirements.

Omantravel has a good selection of hotels around Salalah for your holiday according to your taste, but our recommendation is Al Baleed Resort Salalah by Anantara, a fabulous boutique hotel fronting onto the beach.  Very personal service and excellent food!  Accommodation is in a variety of well-appointed rooms and villas (some with their own pools). You can have dinner at one of the hotel’s excellent and varied restaurants. For those travelling on a very tight budget we can arrange simple but comfortable accommodation at Mussallem’s beach side apartments.

Gun souk in Salalah town


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